Sunday, February 23, 2014

Vertical Stabilizer, Horizontal Stab Front Spar

Our good friends from Virginia stopped by to celebrate Erin's birthday, and Steve offered to help make some metal instead of sawdust for a change.
 We'd received the replacement HS-702, so amid a bunch of head-scratching got it trimmed, drilled, bent, deburred & dimpled. Unfortunately we won't be riveting the HS together until the new Service Bulletin doubler planes arrive from Vans with our wing kit.
Steve was a quick study - and was punished for it by getting to deburr 3 spars & the HS skin.
I still can't quite shake the jitters of countersinking , but knocked out the spar doubler with no problems.
While I was countersinking & edge deburring, Steve finished deburring and moved on to dimple the spars & skin.
VS parts + HS replacement spar ready to prime (above), primed (below)!
 HS-702 rework:

VS C-sink, deburr, dimple

Empennage: 6hrs

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